About Us

KITTEN CITY®, the mature animated comedy series which takes place in the world of personified cats, is brought to you by Kitten City® Studios and Produced by From the Hip, Inc.

Scripts are currently in development for sitcom length episodes that have:

  • Eccentric characters like “Seinfeld”,
  • Behind the scenes action like “30 Rock” and
  • Sketch comedy like “SNL

all within a world of drama loving, animated, personified cats.

It’s been said, “to be good in business, one needs to create opportunities for everyone”. Our mission is to create a community where fans have the opportunity to get involved and share their enthusiasm for Kitten City®. Whether as an Ambassador, voice artist or subscriber, we want our fans to be a part of the family.

It can take several episodes of a show for a viewer to get hooked. So rather than just making and releasing a pilot, the entire first season is in development. In the interim, Tidbits and Giggles are being released on YouTube to introduce the characters of Kitten City®.

Kitten City® is just that, a city. It’s big and has a large feline population. The main characters will have a supporting cast from many walks of life. Unknowns are voicing many of these characters.  Since there is the potential for a large supporting cast, a large talent pool has the opportunity to get involved.

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