Buzz Team

…members are Ambassadors of Kitten City®!

Our Buzz Team is the communications hub that assists in marketing and promoting Kitten City® on a grass roots level.

As an Ambassador, you will play a vital role in maximizing the word of mouth potential and the public’s awareness of Kitten City®.

Ambassadors can:

  • Represent Kitten City® both online and offline.
  • Help spread the word (via link sharing, etc.) about Kitten City®’s:
    1. YouTube Channel
    2. Crowd Funding Campaign(s)
    3. Facebook Page
    4. Twitter
    5. Instagram
    6. Blog about Kitten City™
  • Participate in online events such as:
    1. Tweet Chats
    2. Facebook Events
    3. Video Launches
  • What you will get in return:
    1. As we grow, your following will grow too!
    2. The ability to label yourself an official Social Media Influencer
    3. The potential opportunity to be the voice of a character*

*For the most active buzz team members, we are offering the opportunity to perform a voice part on Kitten City® (details to follow soon).

CLICK HERE to become a member of our Buzz Team! 🙂

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